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        Killarney is a group of musicians that play very old traditional Celtic music. This music made its way to America with indentured peoples over the centuries. It was the  Fiddle music typically heard at American “Frolics” or dances. These tunes are the roots of American Old Time and Bluegrass music.


We (Killarney) play for Gallery Nights, local festivals and benefits. We have, also, played for Civil War Historical  Re-enactments, heritage festivals and Irish Ceili’s. 

 Next engagement:  Smokin' In The Square (Bar-B-Q Cook-off Seville Square) March 3, at 2:30.

     Gallery Night March 16 Artel Gallery

  Gallery Night May 18 Artel Gallery

    Gallery Night September 21 Artel Gallery

Gallery Night October 19 Artel Gallery

    Gallery Night November 16 Artel Gallery


There have been past Irish sessions at Paddy O'Leary's on Pensacola Beach, Finnegan's Wake, and Dolce Vita Art Bar in Pensacola.  At present McSherry's in Fairhope, Alabama, is the only active session in the area. Click here for pictures of Killarney


Click on the title below to hear the recorded music of KILLARNEY

Mooncoin Reel/Fisher's Hornpipe

The Humours of Tullycrine

Spotted Ponies/Moorpeth Rant

Crossing to Ireland

Cup of Tea

Lilting Banshee/Connaughtman's Rambles/Ten Penny Bit


Humours of Glendart/Life is All Chequered/Mug of Brown Ale

Lannigans Ball

Kilnamona Barn Dance

Porthole of the Kelp/Tam Lin

Jefferson Davis Reel

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